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Lash Therapy

.05 "Mixed" Volume Lashes

.05 "Mixed" Volume Lashes

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Our Cashmere Favorite Lashes sit on a specially designed tape strip to allow more control and easy release of lashes. This special fiber offers a luxurious matte finish helping to provide a deep black lash line. The extreme flexibility of this lash allows the artist to spread and move lashes with ease and is our preferred and favorite 0.05 of our master lash artists and trainers.


.03 are very fine lashes which require more control. These lashes have less weight than 0.07mm and 0.06mm lashes and allow you to build 8-10D Volume fans!  

Create amazingly fluffy fans with tips that feel like 0.03 due to their more tapered tip, which is finer than the standard 0.05 lashes.

Our Cashmere synthetic lashes are always cruelty free and named after the softness and richness of the natural fiber that they emulate.

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