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Lash Therapy

I Dare You Lash Adhesive

I Dare You Lash Adhesive

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I Dare You lash adhesive is our fastest dry time glue, made specifically for advanced lash technicians. I Dare You Adhesive is a Formaldehyde free glue same as the rest of Lash Therapy Adhesives! Its perfect for sensitive clients and also for oily type skin. Our fast drying adhesive is formulated to increase extreme bond that will guarantee you the best retention you have never seen before. Recommended for advanced lash artists.

*Be sure to use Lash Therapy’s All in 1 bonder and primer to help sped up dry time & increase retention*

This adhesive works best in humidity between 45-75% and temperature between 60-75 °F. 

Retention - 7-8 weeks

Technician Profile - Advanced 

Viscosity - Thin

Color - Seamless Black

Fumes - Minimal

Structure - Flexible

Techniques - Classic & Volume

Dry Time(s):  (.03-5 Seconds) (Water Proof)


Available in 5 ml

Shelf Life: Opened bottles: 30 days ; Unopened bottles: 6 months


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