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Lash Therapy

Pro Made Fans 8D .05

Pro Made Fans 8D .05

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Pro Made Fans .05 6D


 We’ve all been there, after a two to three hour session of lashing, things start to hurt. Meanwhile, our client that we booked showed up late, or our client showed up with less lashes than expected, and now we’re running behind! All of us want to minimize our lash time so that we minimize our pain, and maximize our quality and cost - effectiveness.


  Our PROMADE LASHES are the PERFECT fit for those looking for that gorgeous dramatic look while saving time and your health. Our lashes are made from the highest quality PBT synthetic silk, with a light glue bonding at the base. This results in a high quality, fluffy, featherlight lash with a semi glossed, matte black finish. Our customers describe our PROMADE LASHES as combining the soft, fluffy, lightweight nature of mink lashes, and the curability, natural, and dense look of synthetic lashes. 



▪️Comes with 500 Fans

▪️Made of pro-silk, with a soft matte black finish

▪️Choose between 8 - 17mm in length

▪️Each box is one size and curl.

▪️Has a light glue bonding at the bases, featherlight with a tiny base.

▪️Vegan Friendly


▪️Cruelty free

  We are OBSESSED with our Promades and we know you will be too! 




  Because the base is tiny, please make sure to use more glue than with larger base fans. Make sure to wrap the base to the natural lash correctly and last but not least make sure the base is parallel to the natural lash to make sure your placement is snatched! 


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